advanced penetration testing - hacking the world's most secure networks | pdf/epub | 6/6 mb |

black hat python | pdf/epub | 3/3 mb |

defensive security handbook | pdf/epub/azw3 | 29/27/4 mb |

ethical hacking and penetration testing guide | pdf | 22 mb |

hacking - the art of explotation | pdf | 4 mb |

hash crack - password cracking manual | pdf/epub/azw3 | 6/2/3 mb |

kali linux revealed - mastering the penetration testing distribution | pdf | 26 mb |

rtfm - red team field manual | pdf | 3 mb |

the hacker playbook 2 - practical guide to penetration testing | pdf/epub/mobi | 23/18/53 mb |

the shellcoders's handbook - discovering and exploiting security holes | pdf | 4 mb |

violent python - a cookbook for hackers, forensic analysts, penetration testers and security engineers | pdf | 8 mb |
desksoft earthview v5.12.3
desksoft earthview v5.12.3

👉🏿part 1

👉🏿part 2

👉🏿part 3

👉🏿part 4

👉🏿part 5

👉🏿part 6

👉🏿part 7

👉🏿part 8

👉🏿part 9

👉🏿part 10

👉🏿part 11

👉🏿part 12

👉🏿pes 2018 unofficial reddit patch
👉🏿installation guide

1) be aware that your antivirus is completely inactive.
2. extract the compressed files by winrar and run the iso file obtained after the extract using the daemon tools software.
3) install the game.
4) replace the files in the crack folder at the game installation location.
5) enjoy playing the game.

👉🏿pes 2018 unofficial patch installation tutorial reddit community mega pack 2018 games:

1) download the compressed pdf file first and extract it using winrar.

2) copy and replace the saved folder at user / documents / konami / pro evolution soccer 2018 / save.
pro evolution soccer 2018
pro evolution soccer 2018
now we need to enable vpn.for this we will use free vpn options.i will send you a free one.just register in it and enable the vpn.before enabling vpn it will show your current ip and location and after vpn is enabled your ip and location will be chaneged, to verify it more clearly visit , it will show you your ip and location.then enable the vpn and again check on this site
♻️ do we need anonymity?yes, it is very important to be anonymous online so that our ip and location remians hidden. for this we will do 2 things- 1.we will use a vpn(virtual private network) , it basically creates a wall of protection , changes our ip , which automatically changes our location. remian anonymous we can use tor browser instead of chrome or compeletly hides our identitiy online and it is banned in some countries.
👾 log in computer without password

1. start computer
2. when it asks for password press ctrl+ alt + delete key twice
3. now another window opens asking for password.....
4. in this at the place of user name just type administrator...leave the password feild blank and hit enter
🔰 how to move emails from one gmail account to another

the method is just simple and straight and you will use some of gmail account settings that will allow you to transfer all the email to another account. and this is a feature of gmail that probably no one of you was knowing before reading this guide. so follow up some simple steps below.

♻️steps to enable pop in old email account to import mails to new account:

1. first of all login into your gmail account whose email you want to move to another account.

2. now click on settings button there on below of your profile picture of your account.1

3. now under settings click on forwarding and pop/imap option and there enable enable pop for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded).

4. at below select mark gmail copy as read in the drop down option and then simply click on save changes option.

5. now visit your new gmail account to which you want to get all your mails.

6. there click on settings and under it click on accounts and import and there select add a pop3 mail account you own,

7. now a popup windows will appears where you need to enter the email address from which you want to import emails and then click on next step.

8. now on the another page simply proceed by entering the password and all other fields will be auto filled there and simply click on add account.

9. now on the next screen simply click on yes option and click on add.

10. thats it you are done, now all the emails of that account will be there in your new gmail account.

so above is all about how to move emails from one gmail account to another, with this method you can easily transfer all the mails from one account to another within some simple steps discussed here. ____________________________
system requirements

• requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
• os: windows 7 sp1 64bit, windows 8.1 64bit windows 10 64bit
• processor: amd fx-8150 / amd ryzen 3 1300x or intel core i5-2500k
• memory: 4 gb ram
• graphics: minimum 2gb vram (amd radeon hd7870, etc) or nvidia geforce gtx760
• directx: version 11
• storage: 8 gb available space
• sound card: directx 11 sound device

• requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
• os: windows 7 sp1 64bit, windows 8.1 64bit windows 10 64bit
• processor: amd ryzen 5 1500x or intel core i7-4790k
• memory: 8 gb ram
• graphics: amd radeon r9 290x or nvidia geforce gtx970
• directx: version 11
• storage: 8 gb available space
• sound card: directx 11 sound device


our branches! 👇
our branches! 👇
📱system tweaker pro [root]

🆚 : 4.1.0
📱paid 💵

📱speeding up your device has never been so easy! with this program you can really speed up your device, increase powersaving and etc!
important! you need:
1) root
2) init.d support
3) selinux "permissive"
⚒penetration testing tools available for kali nethuter⚒
1.aircrack-ng– a collection of wifi hacking tools

2.airodump-ng– sniffing tool

3.aircrack-ng– cracking tool (wep/wpa2)

4.airmon-ng– enabled/disables monitor mode of wireless devices connected

5.besside-ng– useful script for capturing wpa handshakes however i’ve not had success getting it working on my nexus

7.many more tools in this package, seehttp:// details.

6.dsniff– script that watches aninterface and scans for passwords and other sensitive strings

7.evilap– script that creates an access point and allows clients to connect to it in orderto perform man-in-the-middle attacks between the client.

8.kismet– sniffing tool similar to airodump

9.mac changer– changes the mac address of interfaces

10.nmap– powerful port scanner and os-fingerprintingtool

11.tshark– command line version of wireshark for packet capture and analysis

12.strings watch– script that watches an interface and scans for strings

13.wifite– python script that automates wireless attacks

14.ubertooth– bluetooth sniffing tool
you can also send fake emails from here
cookie stealing, which is synonymous with session hijacking, allows an attacker to log into a website that is protected with a user’s username and password by stealing session data in real-time. this is a practical video of cookie stealing , it is for educational purposes.😁
these kind of emails are sent to people for facebook phising👁..
🎲 call of duty all games collection [2003-2014] ⚡️direct download links ⚡️
🎲 call of duty all games collection [2003-2014]

⚡️direct download links ⚡️

1⃣ 💽4.8gb

2⃣ call.of.duty.4.modern.warfare.rar 💽6.6gb

3⃣ 💽 7.3gb

4⃣ 💽 50gb

5⃣ call.of.duty.infinite.warfare.iso 💽 63gb

6⃣ call.of.duty.modern.warfare.2.iso 💽 12gb

7⃣ call.of.duty.modern.warfare.3.iso 💽 8.3gb

8⃣ call.of.duty.modern.warfare.remastered.iso 💽 42gb

9⃣ call.of.duty.wwii.corepack.rar 💽 32gb
🔰 bug bounty android hacking course